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Billboards for Malden: The Winner Is...

/ by Ivan Buchta / Category: Announcements

Hello Mercenaries,

We're pleased to announce the winners of the "Create-Your-Own-Virtual-Billboard" contest! After some fierce arguments, me and Petr ”Monte” Motejzík, Project Argo's Art Director, selected 11 billboards out of the 85 entries created by 28 contestants. We're sure these artworks will contribute to Malden's unique atmosphere.

I enjoyed the casual form of this little contest as well as my role of judge, and I'm very pleased that our initial idea to let the community enrich the new terrain worked so well. Again, the Arma community proved that it still possesses the spirit of passion, playfulness and selflessness some of us remember from its earliest days.

Meet the Winners

The winners of the contest are:

  • DavidS with numerous tasty advertisements of local produce,
  • CallMehTOMMEH with equally inviting Tanoan and wine-making themes,
  • Warthog Polpox with a perfect billboard for Malden airfield,
  • James Watson who certainly didn't duck it, and
  • Thelifant to complete your Maldenian summer.

All the winning billboards (displayed in no particular order) will soon appear on some of the most attractive advertisement spots across the island of Malden.

We would like to congratulate the winners, and of course, we would like to thank every participant for their great effort and enthusiasm!

There were many great ideas among the entries, often borrowing from the existing brands of Armaverse (I'm bit disappointed there wasn't any Smädný Maškrtník ads though (wink)) or promoting Tanoa (awesome to see how popular this terrain is!). We were particularly pleased by the advertisements promoting the local products.

Of course, we were very meticulous and harsh critics when it came to the visual. We selected entries which, if we would meet them in real life, would look like a convincing sample of marketing art.

The Sweet Rewards

As promised, we will put the billboards in Malden as soon as possible – it may take a couple of weeks, as the terrain designers are hard at work finishing the non-level parts of the terrain. Also, the winners may expect the arrival of a little surprise.

It's been already agreed with the terrain design team that each billboard will be placed in a unique and interesting place and in an appropriate context. I'm really looking forward to this part myself, and I hope none of the authors would get angry at me for the place I choose for their creations.

Naturally, we will mention the winning authors in the special section of both Project Argo's and Arma 3's credits. We would also like to honor all the other participants by mentioning them in the Special Thanks section.

One Special Billboard

We also received a billboard from Uro which did not make it into final selection, but its content is definitely worth mentioning. The billboard commemorates the work of community map maker Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi, who recently lost the battle he fought with a merciless illness.

The development of Malden 2035 also benefited from Bushlurker's work, and I feel it's appropriate to honor Paul's memory and his hard and selfless work for the Arma community by commemorating him somehow, somewhere in Malden. It won't be a billboard, but we will make something.

Bushlurker, wherever you are, I hope the bushes are dense and horizons vast. Godspeed!

Instead of lengthy conclusions, let me thank everyone for their effort and wish our creative community to retain its true spirit. Thank you, have fun, and keep up the great work!

Ivan Buchta (Creative Director)