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First Monthly Challenge is over

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Hello mercenaries!

Time goes by fast when you're having fun, and so our first Monthly Challenge has already finished. Based on the stats, it looks like you've been enjoying the new Halloween-themed "Witch Hunt" scenario!

As promised, the top players in the last Monthly Challenge will be handsomely rewarded: the first 30 players will receive unique in-game items, while the 5 best players even receive entire item packs. Enjoy!

Next up is another Monthly Challenge. This one will be start on November 30th, and further details will be revealed in our next blog post. I can already say this will be a true challenge.

Before the next Monthly Challenge goes live, we have one more thing we'd like to address, which is the topic of fair play. As stated in our EULA, we only accept fair play. This means that things like farming, exploiting or cheating are prohibited and must never be part of the game. Unfortunately, during our last Monthly Challenge, we did discover several players who violated these rules and took away from everyone's enjoyment of the game. As such, we've decided to be transparent when this happens and not just ban these players, but also remove every single point they've received by cheating during the Monthly Challenge. Our goal will always be to ensure that this game is fun and fair for everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

See you in the next Monthly Challenge!