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Time to announce the winning #GGMoments!

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Today is The Day; we're ready to announce the winners of our #Argo #GGMoments contest!

First of all, we'd like to say thanks to all participants. It's been a great pleasure to watch videos of your greatest or funniest moments. They were all amazing!

After watching all of the entries, the members of the Argo development team voted for their favorite #GGMoments, and so we have the honor to congratulate:

  1. Yoshi_E - Argo - Grenades everywhere
  2. IIIRSIII - ARGO it’s fun
  3. Yoshi_E - Argo - Do you have a moment to talk
  4. viruscool - Argo #GGMoments contest
  5. Sajjad Ghahri - Project Argo

The 1st place winner receives top-tier Razer gaming gear and a new Argo t-shirt. The 2nd to 5th place winners get an official Argo t-shirt. We'll be contacting all winners via e-mail shortly.

Thanks again for demonstrating your creativity, ideas and skills - and we hope this will inspire others to create their own Argo #GGMoments on the battlefield!