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Update 1.09 - next Monthly Challenge scenario

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Dear Mercenaries!

Our Monthly Challenge "Link Arudy" came to an end last week. We hope you enjoyed it! As promised, the 'new' Top 30 players were handsomely rewarded in the form of some unique in-game items. Congrats!

Next up is another Monthly Challenge. This one starts today, and is all about: Raid La Trinite with SMGs. As usual, this scenario will only be available for a certain time (until March 22nd), so be sure to get in while you can.

Good luck on the battlefield!


Size of the update:
301,2 MB

General News:
February monthly challenge is Raid in La Trinite with SMGs.

Added: SMGs soldier classes for new Monthly Challenge
Fixed: Raid - Some score reward from the last round could not affect the MVP screen sorting of players