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Hotfix 1.02

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Dear Mercenaries,

Last week’s 1.01 update rolled in quite a few big changes and one in particular has made Argo less enjoyable to play, which is the last thing we want. Removing official servers from the Server Browser made sense to us because with an accessible Server Browser we weren’t able to ensure that players are being matched fairly.
The Quick Play feature was developed to help with this as much as we can within the framework of our technical limitations. Sadly, in some regions the feature didn‘t work properly and we saw that very soon after the update.
Because of the reasons mentioned above, we decided to revert the Server Browser removal change from the last update and to return it to its previous state.
This doesn’t mean we’re giving up on the Quick Play feature all together, but we understood it still needs some work to actually help players enjoy Argo.
We hope you consider this to be good news!

Quick changelog below:

Size of the hotfix: 44,9 MB
Changed : Official servers are now accessible from Server Browser again.
Fixed : Inconsistencies in receiving leg and arm damage.