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Release Changelog

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Known Issues:

  • If player leaves a mission during respawn screen in place, he won't be able to select or even see spawn points in respawn screen next time he joins any game. But player is still able to respawn himself and everything else works as it should.
  • Stance indicator is missing on Normal difficulty.
  • Combat Patrol - Exfiltrate task is not assigned/displayed properly if primary objective fails.
  • When a round ends up with a draw, the indicator for nodes seems that it does not restart and switch so the colors are reversed. You can see it clearly right after you take either 1A or 1B node if you haven't claimed any node the previous round.
  • Steam overlay does not work on 64bit if Fraps runs as well.
  • Pop up error appears after loading saved game in Editor.


  • Added: French, German, Russian, Portuguese – Brazl, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech


  • Added: Editor preview pictures for all assets.
  • Changed: Credits updated.
  • Changed: Bottom 'action messages' allowed in Link for Easy difficulty.
  • Added: Special prefix is now added to the name of each server to easily differentiate official and non-official servers.
  • Added: Main menu – Level indicator.


  • Changed: Skill Tree – Attachments dependencies tweaked.
  • Changed: Stats were wiped.


  • Added: New servers to multiple regions.
  • Added: Premium servers for owners of „Supporter’s pack“


  • Fixed: Animation of AK12 when using UGL.
  • Fixed: Wrong format of number in Reward Breakdown when exceeding 1 million (points, currency)
  • Fixed: Link - Easy difficulty - Broken main indicator in Link
  • Fixed: Link - Easy difficulty - Disruptable node 2 in Link has a lock on it during airdrop
  • Fixed: Various crashes