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Update 0.67

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New loadouts:

Changed: Machine Gunner (LIM-85 5.56 mm)
Changed: Marksman (CMR-76 6.5 mm)
Changed: Marksman (SPAR-17 7.62 mm)
Changed: Rifleman (CAR-95 5.8 mm)
Changed: Rifleman (SPAR-16 5.56 mm)
Changed: Vests armour values lowered.
Tweaked: Blood particles are now more visible upon hit.
Added: More weapon part animations are transmitted over network.


Changed: Clash scenario now takes place in Sainte Marie.
Changed: Link scenario now takes place in Sainte Marie.
Changed: Raid now takes place in Radio Station.
Fixed: Link - Players should now always be able to respawn. The issue with the "Respawn disabled" button showing up should be resolved.
Fixed: Wrong pop-up messages upon round end in Raid are fixed.
Fixed: Faction vehicles should no longer be spawned in the ground. They should also not kill players when they get too close.
Fixed: Added failsafe which should reduce the possibility of an airdrop landing on a roof.


Changed: Player names in the score table are now shortened when they're too long.
Changed: Side channel is renamed to Team channel and the colour was changed to green.
Changed: Lobby now displays either countdown or indicates if the mission is already in progress.
Changed: Renamed unassigned role in lobby from "Nobody" to "Empty".
Changed: The visual appearance of unassigned roles now change on mouse hover in MP Lobby.
Changed: Disabled all chat channels except Global and Group.
Changed: Message formatting when waiting for the leader to select the next objective in Clash.
Changed: Map icon of player is improved.
Tweaked: Players who select 'I am ready' in MP Lobby are now marked by a green colour.
Tweaked: Position of mute icons and ping info in the MP Lobby is tweaked.
Tweaked: Receiving Mission display is visually improved.
Added: When an airdrop is captured, players now see for how long nodes will be blocked via a timer and lock icon.

Added: Message informing about the possible reward when any member of the player's team starts securing an airdrop.
Added: Score table now displays the average ping of each player.
Added: Button for posting feedback / reporting bugs is added to the pause menu.
Fixed: Number of nodes is now shown in the 'direct action' message when disrupting in Link.
Fixed: The issue where the default channel was set to Global is resolved
Fixed: Score table no longer displays players who disconnected from the server but on some occasions remained in score table.
Fixed: Score table: Clients that disconnect from mission to lobby and reconnect back to the mission are now displayed correctly.
Fixed: Friendly kills no longer affect (decrease) your number of kills.
Fixed: Problem with post-process on new Intel drivers is resolved.
Fixed: Airdrop tip no longer shows after it was claimed.
Fixed: The description of airdrop rewards in Link is now correct.
Removed: List of expansions in Server Browser removed.


Tweaked: Stones footsteps volume, grass and grassTall crawl sounds.
Fixed: Slowly strafing in crouch now makes less sound.
Fixed: Missing water crawl sounds added.