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Update 0.69

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Known issues:

Scoreboard doesn't count the kill for one player when two players kill each other at the same time.

Faction vehicles are sometimes spawned in the ground, or they are levitating and kill the player when they collide.

Some points in the MVP scene in the Clash map are missing if:

  • the player is part of the team that won, 500 pts. are missing
  • the player is part of the team that lost - 100 pts. are missing

New Loadouts:

Changed: Rifleman (Katiba 6.5mm)
Changed: Grenadier (Mk20 EGLM 5.56mm)
Changed: Marksman (Cyrus 9.3mm)
Changed: Machine Gunner (MX SW 6.5mm)
Changed: Scout (Mk18 ABR 7.62mm)
Added: Apparel loadouts are now faction-specific and should help players distinguish friendly and enemy players.
Added: Kill confirmations now display an additional icon for headshots.
Tweak: The sound of debris from explosions is now inaudible when on or under water.


Added: Tactical ping now shows on the map.
Changed: Clash scenario now takes place in Cancon.
Changed: Link scenario now takes place in Cancon.
Changed: Raid scenario now takes place in MOUT Village.
Fixed: The swimming animation is now correct.
Fixed: Clash area model is now the same size as the trigger for capturing.
Fixed: Faction vehicles should no longer float above the surface.
Fixed: Link - Player is now able to secure the airdrop even if he joins in progress after the second round.
Fixed: Clash – Players will no longer get stuck on the mission selection screen if the only enemy player which is choosing the next objective reconnects.


Added: New element indicating players readiness is added to the lobby.
Changed: Field Manual style matches the rest of the game (rounded corners, rounded button etc.)
Changed: Side channel was renamed to Team channel and colour was changed to green.
Tweaked: Warning messages for zone restriction in Clash and Raid are now more prominent.
Tweaked: Info about respawn being available is now more visible and pulsing in Spectator.
Tweaked: Ping icon is now used instead of text in the Score Table.
Fixed: Players will no longer get "Task Assigned" messages when another player reconnects.
Fixed: Airdrop tip will no disappear after claiming the airdrop.


Added: New sound for tactical ping.
Fixed: Music now plays in the main menu.


Tweaked: Collision geometry in all Greek buildings was improved.