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Update 0.71

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New Loadouts:

Changed: Rifleman (Type 115 6.5 mm)
Changed: Grenadier (AK-12 GL 7.62 mm)
Changed: Machine Gunner (Zafir 7.62, MRCO)
Changed: Marksman (Rahim 7.62 mm)
Changed: Scout (ASP-1 Kir 12.7 mm)


Changed: Clash scenario now takes place in La Trinite.
Changed: Link scenario now takes place in Arudy.
Changed: Raid scenario now takes place in La Trinite.
Changed: All bar gates are now open by default.
Fixed: The camera should now always be set up properly in the MVP screen.
Fixed: The airdrop should now always land in a reachable location.
Fixed: All score points should now be registered in the MVP screen.
Fixed: Airdrop no longer lands in the sea.


Added: Mission and server name in MP Score Table.
Changed: Respawn screen has a new visual style.
Changed: Initial position of the compass in the map is moved to the top right corner.
Changed: People using VON are now displayed on two lines - one for each channel (Global and Team).
Changed: Debriefing screen at the end of a mission is now automatically skipped.
Fixed: Link - Lines between points are no longer drawn over/above point markers.
Fixed: 'ESC' key now always works in the Respawn screen, and players no longer get stuck.
Fixed: Players no longer receive score points for seizing the objective after the round has ended.
Fixed: The camera view in the inter-round cutscene is no longer obstructed
Fixed: The score screen can now be shown/hidden by the key that is defined for the action directly in Controls.
Tweaked: Colour and blinking of "respawn available" in Spectator.