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Update 0.72

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New Loadouts:

Changed: Rifleman (SDAR 5.56 mm)
Changed: Machine Gunner (SPAR-16S 5.56 mm)
Changed: Machine Gunner (CAR-95-1 5.8 mm)
Changed: Marksman (Mk14 7.62 mm)
Changed: Scout (AKM 7.62 mm)
Added: Magazine animated while reloading in Spectator.
Tweaked: Assault Rifles accuracy slightly decreased.

Tweaked: Machine guns accuracy decreased.


Changed: Clash scenario now takes place in Larche.
Changed: Link scenario now takes place in Airfield.
Changed: Raid scenario now takes place in Airfield.
Fixed: Airdrop will no longer land in the sea.
Fixed: Camera view in the inter-round cutscene should no longer be obstructed.
Tweaked: Failsafe mechanisms added to prevent disabled respawn in Link.


Added: Player can now respawn by pressing the Enter key when in the Respawn screen.
Added: Dark layer over the screen when the Pause Menu is opened in the Respawn screen.
Added: Unit observed in Spectator now can be switched by A and D keys as well.
Added: Screen that displays overview and description of specific game mode (Link, Raid, Clash) now contains a button that directs player to the Field Manual with more information.
Fixed: Link – Objective indicators are no longer broken when joining in progress in between rounds.
Fixed: Debriefing screen and score table tab now shows the Discconnect message box properly.
Tweaked: Respawn menu size is tweaked to display all five loadouts at once without scrollbar.
Tweaked: The color of the tactical ping marker is tweaked for better visibility .


Fixed: The crash that occurred during the game's shutdown does not happen anymore.
Tweaked: Ragdoll improvements are added.