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Update 0.74

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Size of the update: 12,8GB

Known issue: When the player who takes 3rd place on the Score Board is dead, it might happen that the player does not appear on the MVP screen, but instead their place is taken by the person with the next highest point count.


Added: All of the previously released locations remain playable, and we've added a new one: the lovely harbour city of La Riviére!

  • Link: The scenario was removed for further polishing and tweaking.
  • Raid: Le Port, Radio Station, MOUT, La Trinité, Airfield, AA Site
  • Clash: Le port, Sainte Marie, Cancon, La Trinité, Larche, La Riviére


  • Loadouts remain scenario-specific. For more information on the loadouts available in previously released locations, please check changelog of the Christmas update.

Changed: AK-12 and AKM damage is lowered to better represent the characteristics of the used ammunition.
Changed: Weapons are now less precise during movement, which is reflected by the size of the crosshair during movement.
Changed: Camera shake upon player hit is increased.


Changed: The Score Table is now only displayed when the player holds the Tab key.
Changed: If the Score Table is opened in-game, it is no longer interactive by default. Player can now look around and shoot with the Score Table open. The interaction is activated by clicking the right mouse button.
Added: Additional set of Chinese characters.
Fixed: Removed the redundant plural form in some UI texts when there's only one point left to win.
Fixed: Characters in MVP screen should now have the correct faces.
Fixed: All gates should now be open from the start of the match.
Tweaked: The icon for auto-respawn was changed from a triangle to a more intuitive checkbox.
Tweaked: The position of auto-respawn was moved slightly to left.
Tweaked: The News panel in Main Menu is removed, and related icons are moved under the profile icon.
Tweaked: Scenario UI elements are now properly hidden between rounds.
Tweaked: HUD messages now reflect the victory condition better in case the enemy team was eliminated.