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Update 0.77

/ by Dev Team / Category: Changelogs

Size of the update: 9.8 GB

General News:

  • Difficulty names has changed: Normal is now Easy, Hardcore is now Normal.
  • Leaderboards and in-game stats will be reset before the release.
  • If you are unable to log-in even after this update, please contact us on feedback tracker, forums or other social medias.
  • Future updates should be smaller thanks to a new technology we implemented.
  • Only the servers which are found under "Official servers" tab in Server Browser or are found via QuickPlay feature generate XP and money, do not trust any site which promises to host/rent servers which act as officials.

Known issues:

  • In Skill Tree Machine gun I-IV unlock attachments one tier higher than it would be expected.
  • Script error in 3D editor when you edit loadout. (not game breaking)
  • Currency and XP gain over 1 000 000 is being listed exponentially.
  • Link only - Broken main indicator in the top of the screen for Easy difficulty. (Easy Link is only available if you host it yourself)
  • If you have only one skill point left in Skill Tree and try to unlock bipods, the game wont let you do it.
  • Loadouts including TRG behave in unexpected ways.
  • MVP screen - Player with highest score are sometimes sorted as second


  • Added: New Scenario - Combat Patrol, 10 vs AI.
  • Added: You now receive not only XP but in-game currency as well.
  • Added: QuickPlay feature will help you find suitable matches. If you wish to find a match, click on scenario buttons in Main menu and click "Find server".
  • Added: White boxes with Cloud logos has been in game for some time, but now if you find them and open them you will be rewarded with in-game currency at the end of the game.
  • Changed: Automatic server kick now tracks another condition - movement of head to prevent players who are hiding and not moving from being kicked.
  • Changed: Vegetation such as bushes now doesn't have collision so you will not get stuck when you run into them.
  • Changed: XP and AC rewards on Normal (formerly Hardcore) servers are roughly 33% higher than on Easy (formerly Normal) ones.
  • Changed: Fall damage increased. Still not lethal, but don't jump recklessly.


  • Added: Armory in Equipment Screen.
  • Changed: You now have to unlock weapons and gear for AC (in-game currency) you’ve received so far. Do so in Armory via Equipment Screen.
  • Changed: XP requirements for levels have been adjusted. Your level might have dropped slightly.
  • Changed: AKM moved to Assault Rifles III (from IV). AK-12 moved to Assault Rifles IV (from III).
  • Changed: CMR-76 is now compatible with normal 6.5mm sound suppressors, too, so it's compatible with silencers from the same tier in the skill tree.


  • Added: You can now access Editor through main menu and create your own missions.
  • Added: Messages with links about “Supporter’s pack”, these will only be active upon release of the game.
  • Added: Tutorial videos are now accessible by clicking on the scenario button in main menu and clicking on the play button above scenario description.
  • Added: Level of player is now visible in MVP Screen, Lobby and Scoreboard.
  • Changed: Message tweaks about linking main.
  • Changed: Friendly players are now visible on GPS.
  • Changed: The uniform pictures in Loading Screen have been enlarged to help players memorise the outfit of each faction.
  • Changed: After a player performs a Friendly Kill a message will appear to make him aware of what he did and to remind him who is friendly and who is foe.


  • Fixed: Missing Sound: Sprinting in shallow water.
  • Fixed: Reward screen - Skill point incorrect count.
  • Fixed: Reward screen - Incorrect information about gained XP.
  • Fixed: Reward screen - Missing reward UI parts for winner.
  • Fixed: Score - 1 point for kill instead of 100.
  • Fixed: Throwing grenades during the round start count down timer is no longer possible.
  • Fixed: Various Level Design fixes including levitating objects and clipping of assets.
  • Fixed: Clash - Various LOS (Line of Sight) issues between points fixed.
  • Fixed: Sudden Disconnects were not handled correctly (remaining AI).
  • Fixed: Clash - Flags change color to grey when defending and don't change back.
  • Fixed: Scopes - Incorrectly set zeroing. (Every scope should now be properly set to 100m zeroing)
  • Fixed: No Ammo on the shooting range.
  • Fixed: Player gained points from claiming airdrop after he located terminal.
  • Fixed: Unsynced PC time resulting in "Unable to reach Bohemia servers message".
  • Fixed: Mismatched uniforms and added fail safe mechanism.