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Update 1.00

/ by Dev Team / Category: Changelogs

Size of the update:

  • 237MB

Known Issues:

  • Steam overlay does not work on 64bit if Fraps runs as well.
  • If player leaves a mission during respawn screen in place, he won't be able to select or even see spawn points in respawn screen next time he joins any game. But player is still able to respawn himself and everything else works as it should.


  • Fixed: Stances indicator missing on Normal difficulty.
  • Fixed: Reward breakdown showing script error when player reaches level 24 or 25.
  • Fixed: Editor - Error when loading a saved game inside mission scenario.
  • Fixed: Combat Patrol - Exiltrate task not assigned/displayed if primary objective was failed.
  • Fixed: Link (Easy) - Broken node indicator after round ending in draw.
  • Fixed: Teammates missing in map on Easy difficulty.
  • Fixed: Remove second redundant difficulty choice from QuickPlay for Combat Patrol.
  • Fixed: Part of text about the reset of skill tree in Russian language missing.
  • Fixed: Spectator - Double digit value of levels displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Issue where players would not receive any xp/in-game currency after match.