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Update 1.01

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Hello Mercenaries, we are back with some exciting new changes!

First off to summarise the biggest changes done in this update and to explain the design decisions behind those changes, we created the video below:

Size of the update: 2,4 GB

General News:

  • Argo now only has one difficulty. HUD can be disabled in options.
  • Server browser/Quick Play changes: To ensure the correct function of Quick Play – having players with similar level matched together, we removed players ability to access official servers through server browser. To find your match, use main menu scenario tabs or QuickPlay tab in Server Browser.
  • We have improved friendly/foe distinction – Flame uniform received a reskin and protective vests are now faction specific.
  • Because we reworked the uniforms, player's vests were refunded and you need to purchase them again.

Known Issues:

  • AK-12 and AK-12 GL power gauge in metagame screen shows incorrect value. The correct power of the weapons is comparable to MXM.
  • If you host your own game of Combat Patrol, the mission will not end properly.


  • Added: Playing Combat Patrol now earns you xp and currency.
  • Added: Players speaking through VON are now identified on map and minimap.
  • Added: Protective vests are now faction specific and should improve the friendly player distinguishing.
  • Added: Rahim designated marksman rifle (DMR II).
  • Changed: Metagame - Increased number of magazines on shooting range.
  • Changed: Combat Patrol - Incapacitated players should no longer get kicked because of inactivity.
  • Changed: Players who reconnected during the last round can now appear in the MVP screen as long as they have more than 0 points.
  • Changed: Player can no longer capture a point from inside a container.
  • Changed: Lowered the volume of footsteps in crouch and walk.
  • Changed: Lowered the volume of the Flame voiceovers.


  • Added: Supporter badges are now visible in Scoreboard and Lobby.
  • Added: Warning message before inactivity kick.
  • Added: Server name in the MVP screen
  • Added: Metagame - Added Field Manual to the shooting range.
  • Added: Metagame - Added Enter shortcut for saving the name of a loadout.
  • Added: New messages under MP Score Table to help players mute and vote kick players.
  • Added: Combat Patrol - dedicated map marker for players in incapacitated state.
  • Changed: Argo now has only one difficulty, which is with HUD. You can turn HUD off/on before or after match in options.


  • Added: New languages – Japanese, Korean.
  • Changed: Concrete Barrier now sticks to terrain instead of keeping horizontal placement.


  • Fixed: Dead bodies left by disconnected players are now properly deleted.
  • Fixed: Metagame - incorrect displaying of attachments list.
  • Fixed: Metagame - displaying weapons from previous account after logging in the second account and launching Metagame.
  • Fixed: Metagame - displaying of prices of attachments in 1280x1024 resolution.
  • Fixed: Dropped weapons would not get deleted inbetween rounds.
  • Fixed: Combat Patrol - Sometimes the player could get spawned very far from the objective.
  • Fixed: Combat Patrol - Randomized object positions could sometimes collide with rocks and other objects.
  • Fixed: Floating crates.
  • Fixed: Various Level Design fixes including FOV fixes in Houdan, Arfield Hangars and more.
  • Fixed: Unability to reaarm from a dead body under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Overlapping texts in Main Menu in some languages.
  • Fixed: Incorrect name of mission is now shown in Reward Breakdown screen.
  • Fixed: Various Localization issues.
  • Fixed: Team killing kick not working in Combat Patrol.
  • Fixed: The price of a few Tier 3 suppressors.