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Update 1.06 New Monthly Challenge scenario!

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Hello mercenaries!

It’s been a month since our first Monthly Challenge started and the top players were handsomely rewarded with unique in-game items.

So today is the day to announce the next Monthly Challenge scenario: Clash La Trinite with preset loadouts. Are you ready to show your skills and beat everyone in a fair match?

This scenario will only be available for a certain time - from the release of this Monthly Challenge until December 21st. And once finished, we'll announce the best players of the month. A lot of cosmetic items are prepared to be sent to a winners.

Good luck on the battlefield!


Size of the update: 400.2 MB

General news:

  • Next Monthly Challenge scenario is Clash in La Trinite with preset loadouts


  • Changed: Monthly Challenge uses new icon

Known issues:

  • Clash - Sometime the mission objective name could be incorrect in players UI, map shows correct names


  • Fixed: Combat Patrol - Players would not get kicked if they repeatedly incapacitated and revived others in some cases

  • Fixed: Link - Error in MVP screen if a player didn't spawn for the last round