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Update 1.08 - next Monthly Challenge scenario

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Dear Mercenaries,

There was already a Raid and Clash in the previous Monthly Challenges, so our next choice shouldn’t surprise you at all. Our next challenge will feature the Link scenario, this time we’re visiting Arudy.

Hope the preset loadouts will make this Challenge even more challenging - just pistols, grenades and your skills :)

This scenario will only be available for a certain time - from January 31st until February 21st and once finished, we'll announce the best players of the month. A lot of new cosmetic items is prepared to be send to a winners.



Size of the update:
230,2 MB

General News:
February Monthly Challenge is Link in Arudy (pistols and grenades only)

Added: New soldier classes for Pistol Round Monthly Tournament
Fixed: MVP screen in new monthly challenge don´t use animations designed for rifles
Changed: Witch Hunt - Scenario no longer uses custom loadouts
Changed: Combat Patrol - score for revive is set to 200 points - awarded only if the revived player was incapacitated by an AI, only for 5 revives in the match (caps on 1000 XP / 2000 $)

Changed: Player with level 25 pays for skill tree reset only 49 999 AC

Known issue:
Some score reward could not affect the MVP screen sorting of players