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Letter of Introduction

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Hello Mercenaries,

For these past months, I had the opportunity to watch over you guys, our community and it was an amazing experience. You inspired me, made me laugh and, admittedly sometimes made me want to punch some of you guys in the face (big grin).

They say all good things must come to an end, but I would say this is more like a new beginning. My focus will now shift to another project and I was always more of a community ninja, than manager anyway. I also believe Argo deserves to have itss own dedicated community manager. So let me introduce to you guys, our new Community Manager, Hana Zelená. She will briefly introduce herself in the paragraph below, so if you're interested please read on. Also just to let you know, it's not like you won't see me any more after this post, I'll still be here to help Hanka whenever she needs it, although I'm confident I won't be needed for very long. I don't have much more to say, but a request: Be nice to her! I know how you can get. (big grin)

So long. We'll see each other on the battlefield.

Lada Brabcová also known as ITokyYourCookie (Argo Producer)

(Thanks Seddrik for this lovely art)

Hello respected community,

Thanks a lot Toky for introducing me.
I´m looking forward to being as helpful as she always was and I wish to build warm relationships with all of you.
I'll do my absolute best to get up to speed with things, and as part of that, I'm eager to learn how the game is played.
I'll be very pleased If you may help me and I also encourage you all to help out other players with questions about the game.. I'll be here for you, helping, listening and learning everything about you and our awesome game.
Together we can do it ;)

Hana Zelená alias Hanka (Argo Community Manager)