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Your Match, Your Choice

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Hello mercenaries,

We've been a bit silent recently, but we're back now, ready for your feedback once again. We've worked hard to bring some exciting new features into Project Argo – the biggest one is a brand-new way to enjoy the game. We call it hardcore mode.

When Less is More

One of the core concepts of Project Argo is to provide competitive player vs. player gameplay. To help you be effective on the battlefield, we remade the original Arma 3 UI, so you have most of the information you need to make informed decisions about your next step in a game. At any time, you know how many bullets are in your magazine, the 3D markers show the position of your teammates and objectives, tactical pings make you aware of the enemies, the announcer warns you when an objective is compromised, etc. While this approach opens the game to a wider audience, it may also diminish the actual experience. The thrill of going into the unknown, the fear for your virtual life, the need for a tactical approach – all seemingly less meaningful.

We noticed a part of the Project Argo community had been asking for a more authentic feeling, and we started trying various changes which could achieve that goal. From the very start, we knew we wanted to keep the core settings, like damage, the same as in the "normal mode", with the intention to change how the game feels, not how it works. We began with removing some UI elements, but it didn't turn out to particularly hit the mark. Eventually we got rid of almost all of them: the crosshair, 3D markers, stance and weapon info (in most cases), score… It was a pleasant surprise how a clean screen improved the immersion. With nothing artificial in view, we started to concentrate on the game world much more, extracting all the information from what we actually saw. We're excited to bring this experience to you, as well.

Finding Your Way

Being provided with close to no information may also prove to be too difficult, so we kept some elements and made a few changes to keep the gameplay enjoyable without significantly compromising the immersion. The score, time limit, and player count is still available on the scoreboard. The map now actually shows the positions of your teammates, so you don't have to worry too much about them when you aren't able to use voice communication. The weapon info appears briefly when a fire mode or throwables are changed, so you can check the setting of your weapon, or the selected grenade type.

With a wide selection of apparel, recognizing enemy players suddenly became quite complicated. Unwilling to compromise the "no-HUD experience", we have decided to turn off apparel customization. Instead, there is one uniform per side used, with the two being quite distinctive. Clouds wear green multicam uniform with long sleeves and green vests, whereas Flames sport brown fatigues with a tank top, and black vests. Both these setups are quite viable in the Malden environment, yet it's relatively easy to tell one from another as far as you can differentiate between green and brown/black. This change is now used for both hardcore and normal modes, but we will enable apparel customization for normal mode again together with the implementation of the metagame in the future.

Select Your Next Fight

We've also made one significant change not directly affecting the gameplay. When the mission ends, there's a new screen which allows you to vote for the next mission. With the current number of missions available in the game, we wanted you to have as much control over what will be played next as possible.The distribution of official servers stays the same, there are still servers with only one mode allowed, and mixed servers. But from now on, the rest is up to you and your playmates only.

The two new features bring new possibilities to enjoy Project Argo. It's perfectly fine to play the game as you did before, but if you're up to a bigger challenge, hardcore mode will provide it. In either case, you can now have your say in what map will be played next, so you can enjoy all your favorite Malden locations. We're excited to keep improving the game, and we're thankful for all your feedback we received so far – please keep it coming! In the meantime, with or without the UI, see you on Malden!

Project Argo Team