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Unofficial Argo servers support only

Dear mercenaries!

Argo has been a great opportunity for us to investigate different avenues of game development, and we’re happy to say its presence has helped numerous Bohemians hone their skills. However, with a lot of exciting projects entering key stages within their development we are, unfortunately, ending the support of Argo on official servers.

But don’t worry, if you already have the game in your library you won’t lose it. And although the main servers will be shut down, you will still be able to play on unofficial servers (as well as premium servers – if you’ve purchased the Supporter’s Pack).

From here on, everyone will be max level and resetting the skill tree will be for free. So, everyone will have the ability to customize any character attribute freely between games. Additionally, database servers will continue to run to provide access to loadouts.

If you have any queries regarding the end of official support for Argo, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Enjoy the even chances for everyone!